Business Formation Services

Business formation law services exist to help entrepreneurs and business owners protect their investments and ensure their businesses are legally compliant. Business formation law services can be an invaluable asset to both new and established businesses. Capital City Law specializes in business law, including business formations, here in Boise. Learn more below, and contact our business formation lawyer today!

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The Start-Up Legalities

Business formation law services typically begin with the formation of a business entity, such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or sole proprietorship. The business entity must then be registered with the state in which it will operate, and the business owner must obtain any necessary professional licenses, permits, and other legal documents required to operate the business.

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Legal Business Documents

Business formation law services also help business owners create the necessary legal documents to protect their investments. This includes drafting contracts, such as employment agreements, vendor agreements, and purchase agreements. It also includes filing for a trademark or patent, creating an employee manual, and drafting a business plan.

Advice on Legal Matters

In addition, our attorneys work closely with antitrust attorneys to assess any regulatory obstacles that may arise in the transaction. We help our clients to gain regulatory approval, and analyze any other required regulatory approvals, such as those from government agencies or industry bodies.

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Closing the Deal

In addition to the formation of a business, business formation law services can provide counsel and advice on a variety of topics, including taxation, employment law, intellectual property, and business litigation. These services can also help business owners understand the legal implications of mergers and acquisitions and how to best protect their assets.

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On-Going Processes of Business Ownership

Business formation law services also help business owners understand the legal requirements for their businesses, such as filing taxes, managing payroll, and complying with labor laws. They can also provide guidance on corporate governance and fiduciary duties and help businesses navigate the legal landscape when it comes to fundraising, investing, and selling a business.



Business formation law services offer an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business owners. These services are essential for helping businesses protect their investments and ensure legal compliance. By understanding the legal requirements of their businesses and having an experienced lawyer to provide counsel, business owners can ensure their businesses are safe and successful. Call our business formation lawyer at Capital City Law in Boise today!

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